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September, 2015

India’s Government spends 40% of its defense budget on capital acquisition

The Indian aerospace and defense market is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. The Indian government spends 40% of the defense budget on capital acquisition and has set a target to make the aviation market the third largest in the world by 2020.
July, 2015

What’s the Connection Between Micro-Satellites and Telemedicine?

Advanced, next-generation micro-satellites will mature, enabling many developed and developing countries to build their own micro-satellites networks, for satellite communications, hosting either RF or laser payloads.
June, 2015

Global Cyber Warfare – Now at Full Swing, Creating a Multi-Billion Dollars Market

The list of documented recent cyber battles is long, the casualties are varied, and the consequences highly disturbing: Stuxnet, Flame, Operation Red October, Aurora, Shamoon, Turla, […]
September, 2014

Can Smart Weapons Help Obama Keep His “No-(More)-Ground-Troops” Promise?

Proper use of smart weapons may significantly reduce the need for the US to send traditional ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq. With precision strikes, the US and its allies can target specific individuals and small groups in Northern Iraq.
July, 2014

First Responders Look for UAVs in All the Wrong Places

While Hill’s point is conventional and obvious, the event was just as conventional in its ‘invitation only’ planning. The Indiana National Guard's 181st Intelligence Wing co-hosted the event, which included other conventional displays of communication equipment, sensors, etc. It highlighted the fact that most First Responders don’t know what they don’t know.
June, 2013

PNDs May Yet Survive the Smart Phone Onslaught

Despite the availability of GPS capabilities in nearly 5 billion smartphones around the world, sales of PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices) will continue. MiG analysts forecast that […]
June, 2013

Explosive Future Forecasted for Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC expands on RFID technology to allow two-way communication between a tag and a reader.
April, 2013

Telecom-Equipped Drones

Drones, known for surveillance and intelligence uses, soon could revolutionize wireless telecommunications, according to industry analysts.
March, 2013

Security & Vulnerability Management: One of Fastest Growing Sectors in Information Security

Global Security & Vulnerability Management (SVM) market should grow by 13.8% CAGR with a consolidated $32.2 Billion over 2012-2018 period.
March, 2013

Jaw Dropping CAGR in Emerging Aerospace Market

Turmoil in the global defense and aerospace market gives birth to new emerging markets. The military space requirement market is only one example, growing from $59.1B in 2011 to a whapping $324B by 2017.

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