The Ascendency of Cyber Weapons

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January, 2015
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The Ascendency of Cyber Weapons

Cyber Weapons Market Forecast

Scenario I – Offensive and Defensive Cyber Weapons – Global Market Forecast by Sector [$Billion]

Various governments across the world are the most active in designing new cyber weapons, mainly because the development of cyber weapons is much easier and cheaper than the creation of conventional weapons. This is the conclusion of a path breaking new research carried out by Market Info Group (MiG). MiG estimates that thousands of attacks are conducted daily against government IT systems primarily in the US, China, Russia, UK and India and that these attacks are principally conducted by foreign governments not just for cyber espionage but also for offensive purposes.

With so many new smart phones, wireless routers, USBs, universal plug-and-play protocol implementations and SCADA vulnerabilities, for the enterprising cyber attacker, the sky is literally the limit.

One major area of concern is Cloud Computing. According to MiG Cloud computing infrastructures will continue to suffer cyber-attacks, as the attackers are well aware of the vulnerabilities of such platforms and of the attack launch opportunities they offer. Compromising a cloud infrastructure – public or private gives attackers a remarkable amount of resources to use in future operations.

Securing cloud computing architectures will be the foremost focus of vendor efforts over the coming years.

Consequently, MiG estimates that contrary to popular perception that the US federal and state governments as well as enterprises will not spend in excess of $51 billion dollars by 2019, the actual figure will be between $100 billion and $110 billion because the Government and companies will invest heavily in designing both Offensive and Defensive Cyber Weapons. A huge market for Cyber Weapons designed in the US is already emerging in the European Union, Middle East and Asia.

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