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March, 2016

HUDs to Dominate Wearable Technologies for the Foreseeable Future

Visual/head-up display (HUD) and embedded computing technologies will dominate the wearable technology domain for the foreseeable future as militaries strive to improve situational awareness (SA) for soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines through increased data throughput, local processing for analytics and prediction and improved visual/auditory/haptic interface and dissemination of both information and recommendations for action.
February, 2016

Militaries and First Responders Eager to Adopt Wearable Technologies

Militaries and first-responders are extremely eager to seek out and adopt wearable technologies. This should come as no surprise since these sectors typically execute the most […]
February, 2016

WearRAcon 16 Highlights the Potential of Wearable Technologies

The wearable technology market is nascent and will be primarily funded through smaller Research & Development funding programs between now and 2020. After 2020, these programs will mature and the market will begin to see a larger procurement activity as militaries begin to seek fielded options for units.
February, 2016

Wearable Technologies Market Ready to Charge Into the Multi-Billion Dollars Zone

Over the coming decade, the world’s wearable technologies market is expected to grow at a cumulative CAGR of nearly 40%, producing a cumulative global market of nearly $8 billion.
October, 2015

Media Anti-Drone Bias Blocks UAV Benefits

Macon-Bibb county Georgia looked to be a leader on integrating life-saving Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into First Responder operations.  Their talks with an apparently capable UAV system provider appeared fruitful until a pair of local reporters emphasized stereotypical public fears.
September, 2015

India’s Government spends 40% of its defense budget on capital acquisition

The Indian aerospace and defense market is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. The Indian government spends 40% of the defense budget on capital acquisition and has set a target to make the aviation market the third largest in the world by 2020.
September, 2014

FAA’s Quadrotor UAV Approval – A Small Success Wrapped in a Much Larger Failure

The first approved quadrotor is an experimental Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It weighs less than a pound and must be operated within line of sight.
September, 2014

Can Smart Weapons Help Obama Keep His “No-(More)-Ground-Troops” Promise?

Proper use of smart weapons may significantly reduce the need for the US to send traditional ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq. With precision strikes, the US and its allies can target specific individuals and small groups in Northern Iraq.
July, 2014

Israel’s Iron Dome Attracts Attention to Smart Weapons

So far, in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Iron Dome Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM) system has […]
April, 2014

Airborne ISR Vying for New Domains

ISR platforms and sensors used to be considered “national” assets, developed and procured primarily to support national security missions of the highest priority. This paradigm is also changing rapidly with the needs for real-time ISR “migrating” down the food chain into the local and tactical levels, both in the military and civilian arenas.

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