Business Opportunities Reducing Improper Payments

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November, 2011
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Business Opportunities Reducing Improper Payments

Pages: 30; Figures & Tables: 5
This report frames and defines the multibillion dollar market space that the US Federal Government has created to reduce improper payments.

Publisher: Market Info Group LLC.
Lead Analyst: Gregory Hollister
Publication: 02/2012; Pages: 30; Figures and Tables: 5
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Business Opportunities Reducing Improper PaymentsThere are many opportunities for the commercial sector to participate and grow its business base by addressing key areas that are contributing factors to the runaway improper payments situation.

This report frames and defines the multibillion dollar market space that the US Federal Government has created to reduce improper payments.

The new report is designed for companies that provide efficiency processes, procedures, tools and techniques to combat improper payments plus fraud, waste and abuse.  The information in this report will allow such companies to focus their business development efforts on specific areas in which the government has a funded interest in combating improper payments specifically and fraud, waste and abuse generally.

Furthermore, this report shows companies experiencing improper payments, or fraud, waste and abuse where the US government has focused enforcement efforts.  That knowledge is critical to efficiently reducing improper payments or finding outside help for such efforts.

The report shows the reader:

  • How much business opportunity funding is in the market place to reduce improper payments on one hand, and
  • The specific areas in which to concentrate efficiency and cost reduction efforts so as to reduce improper payments.

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1. Introduction
1.1. Definition of Improper Payments
1.2. Scope and Purpose
1.3. Methodology
1.4. Who is This Report For?
2. Executive Summary
2.1. The Problem
2.2. Projected Improper Payments Reduction Investment Forecast
2.3. Business Opportunities
3. Improper Payments – History and Current Status
3.1. Background
3.2. Current Status
3.3. History and Legislation of Improper Payments
3.4. Fiscal Year 2010 Estimated Improper Payments Reporting by Federal Agencies
4. Improper Payment Estimates
5. Techniques and Tools To Reduce Improper Payments
5.1. Lean Six Sigma
5.1.1. Lean Six Sigma – Benefits
5.2. Modeling and Simulation Tools
6. Business Opportunities Analysis
6.1. High Visibility Areas Requiring Assistance
6.2. Specific Business Opportunities
6.3. Example Contract Already in Place
7. Glossary

List of Tables

Table 1 – Investment Forecast to Reduce Improper Payments by [$Billion] – 2013-2017
Table 2 – Improper Payments by Program by [$Billion] – 2010
Table 3 – Risk-Susceptible Programs for which the Agency Did Not Report Improper Payment Estimates for Fiscal Year 2010
Table 4 – Improper Payment Estimates and Error Rates for US Government Agencies

List of Figures

Figure 1 – Investment Forecast to Reduce Improper Payments by [$Billion] – 2013-2017
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Business Opportunities Reducing Improper Payments
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