Can Smart Weapons Help Obama Keep His “No-(More)-Ground-Troops” Promise?

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September, 2014
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September, 2014

Can Smart Weapons Help Obama Keep His “No-(More)-Ground-Troops” Promise?

President Obama’s top military adviser, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, told the Senate Armed Services Committee recently that he would recommend deploying United States forces in ground operations against Islamic State extremists in Iraq if the situation required them. However, opinion polls show that Americans do not have the appetite for another prolonged ground war in the Middle East.[1]

Smart Weapons Market Forecast

Smart Weapons Market Forecast by Regions – 2013 – 2020

Analysts at Market Info Group (MiG) believe that the proper use of smart weapons may significantly reduce the need for the US to send traditional ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq. With precision strikes, the US and its allies can target specific individuals and small groups in Northern Iraq. Smart weapons also limit collateral damage by letting the attacker choose the right-sized weapon for the respective target.

Those precision strikes require precise targeting intelligence, of course.  If local forces (certainly aided by American special operations troops) deliver such quality knowledge, smart weapons can do the rest.

MiG analysts are of the opinion that Smart Weapons, like the CBU-97 Sensor-Fuzed Weapon  and standoff cruise missiles like the AGM-158 JASSM, delivered by most American warplanes, may prove to be highly effective in defeating an array of moving and fixed targets on land, at sea and in littoral environments. One CBU-97 can neutralize many targets and do so nearly simultaneously, leaving adversaries like ISIS no evasion time. Similarly, the AGM-158 JASSM can be launched from outside area defenses to destroy hard, medium-hardened, soft and area type targets with great precision.

A recent research report by Market Info Group, titled: Smart Weapons – Global Markets and Technologies – 2013-2020, assessing the future evolution of Smart Weapons and their markets, shows that the demand for Smart Weapons will continue to grow as emerging markets become prominent sources of military defense spending, particularly of Smart Weapons.

[1] Support for Iraq Military Action Low in Historical Context, Accessed on 21 September, 2014

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