FAA Part 107 – A New Day for Commercial Micro UAV Operations?

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June, 2016

FAA Part 107 – A New Day for Commercial Micro UAV Operations?

The Federal Aviation Administration released Part 107 eliminates the need for licensed aircraft pilots to operate micro UAVs

uav first responders marketAfter years of delays past deadlines set by Congress, the Federal Aviation Administration released Part 107. It will greatly simplify micro UAV commercial operations when it goes into effect in August.

What does it do? Primarily, this new Federal Aviation Regulation eliminates the need for licensed aircraft pilots to operate micro UAVs. That huge burden will be lifted by allowing drone operators to qualify as unmanned aircraft operators through testing, similar to a private pilot ground school.

Part 107 then allows those newly licensed UAV operators to fly commercially with almost the same low altitude, line of sight, under 55 pounds gross weight restrictions that have always been in place for hobby drone operators and those who previously received the lowest altitude exemptions for commercial use.

Most of the publicity around this change has focused on commercial markets such as real estate, infrastructure inspections and agriculture. We at Market Info Group (MiG) believe, however, that the public will be most affected by the new ability of first responders to fly drones at fire scenes, during law enforcement operations, for search and rescue, etc. That brings the US one good step closer to the operating concept included in MiG’s forecast on UAVs for first responders.

What will this new regulation not do? Stay tuned as that’s the topic next time.

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