What’s the Connection Between Micro-Satellites and Telemedicine?

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What’s the Connection Between Micro-Satellites and Telemedicine?

Advanced, next-generation micro-satellites will mature, enabling many developed and developing countries to build their own micro-satellites networks, for satellite communications, hosting either RF or laser payloads.

A recent study of current and evolving satellite communications technologies and markets found out that, between 2015 and 2022, growth in demand for satellite capacity to provide capabilities such as telemedicine, earth viewing, and education to remote and lesser developed areas, will drive the emergence of ‘disruptive’ technologies.

Advanced, next-generation microsatellites will mature, enabling many developed and developing countries to build their own microsatellites networks, for satellite communications, hosting either RF or laser payloads.

Launch costs of microsatellites will also be dramatically reduced as the ability to launch microsatellites from the stratosphere becomes an economically and technologically viable option. Here too, many developing countries will have the ability to hire launch services at a fraction of the current cost.

The result of all these trends will be a rapidly-growing, satellite communications global market, which will grow (under certain scenarios) at a CAGR of 83.4%, to a cumulative size exceeding $68 billion by 2022, providing multiple opportunities for market entre with robust growth expectations

Satellite Communication Global Market

Satellite Communication Technologies Global Market – Scenario I, II and III Comparison by [$Millions] – 2015 – 2022

Two senior veterans of the space industry, studied these trends and published recently a market and technology forecast report titled: “Commercial and Military Satellite Communications – Market & Technology Forecast, 2022“.

The report provides a detailed road map to evolving needs and the business opportunities that can harvest these needs, providing essential insights to a wide spectrum of professionals:

  • Business Leaders and Business Developers
  • Spacecraft and Payload Manufacturers
  • Launch System Operators and Modernizers
  • Ground Segment Manufacturers
  • Government Policy Makers

The report analyzes, predicts the evolution of and outlines business opportunities for these markets:

  • Mobile Based High Speed Broadband Non-Video
  • Direct to Home Broadband/RF Video Technology
  • LTE Technology
  • Laser Fiber Optic Communications
  • Fixed and Mobile Video Services

To enhance forecast accuracy, our new global report offers three radically different analysis tracks:

  • Scenario I – Growth Technology Solutions
  • Scenario II – Growth by Disruptive Technology
  • Scenario III – Growth by Stratospheric UAV Deployment

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