Location Based Systems (LBS) – Business Opportunities

Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) – Business Opportunities
January, 2013
Information Security – Business Opportunities
January, 2013

Location Based Systems (LBS) – Business Opportunities


Business Opportunities in Advertising

  • For developers, ad-based development of smart-tags for NFC is an unfilled niche.
  • Use of NFC smart tags and inclusion of NFC readers in smartphones enables the delivery of content to smartphone users who may not have a preexisting relationship with a vendor.
  • Advertisers should tap into social media and the organization of group activities at convenient, agreed-upon locations on short notice. Advertisers may be able to spark this type of activity by offering limited-time specials that encourage near-immediate response.


Business Opportunities in Public Safety

Maintenance of CAD systems’ underlying maps (basemaps) is a concern for most law enforcement agencies. Most agencies rely on other departments or a third party to update the maps in their systems.

Business Opportunities in Smartphones

Smartphone users depend on their phones for more than voice communication, but coverage is spotty or nonexistent in many areas. Temporary communications can be enabled with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to extend the cell network. (Market Info Group has a report that covers this topic in great detail.

Please refer to www.MarketInfoGroup.com for more information.

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