Unmanned Maritime Systems – Top Stories

June, 2013

Perfect Storm Creates New Small and Low-Cost, Mixed-Use UUVs Markets

The new Unmanned Maritime Vehicles technology capabilities, together with evolving requirements and decreasing budgets create a "perfect storm" that will drive the UUV market to over 10% CAGR between 2016 & 2020.
February, 2013

Global UMS Market to Top $11 Billion (Cumulative) by 2020

A new and vibrant market is rapidly emerging under everyone’s radar. The Unmanned Maritime Systems Market is set to answer the dual challenges of reduced outlay and reduced personnel in traditional fleets, brought upon by squeezed defense budgets.
April, 2012

Unfolding the UMS Defense & Security Scene in early 2012

Governments and companies are looking for cross-migration of technology between the commercial and defense worlds: governments realize they can save money by integrating already-proven UMV technologies from oil & gas, and oil & gas operators find themselves increasingly in need for maritime robotics systems for deep sea energy explorations and operations.
October, 2011

Shrinking Defense Budgets to Contribute Greater Development and Use of UMVs

The defense budgets of the United States, Europe, and Israel are all shrinking this year, and the outlook for the next five years is not rosy. Personnel cost are the single most expensive component within these budgets. The urgent need to reduce these costs creates an obvious need for Unmanned Systems, including unmanned maritime systems – for security and defense missions.
October, 2011

What Will be the First Commercial Market for USV?

As easily accessible sources of energy are depleted, efforts to explore and exploit oil, gas, and other natural resources will increasingly move offshore and into remote locations. Each one of these remote exploration and exploitation posts is at the same time a potential source of economic wealth, as well as a potential source of environmental and man-made disasters. Monitoring and patrolling such remote locations is expensive and difficult.
September, 2011

USVs Will Mature Quicker than UUVs among Defense & Security Users

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) have been used for a few decades, mostly for mine countermeasures, oceanographic research, and oil & gas surveys. In contrast, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) have not been widely used and are yet unproven.
September, 2011

Submerged IEDs

Underwater technology for countering mines and UIED exists, and unmanned systems have proven relatively effective in this task, with the potential of being very effective. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) offer to be for Underwater IEDs (UIEDs) what Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) have been for land-deployed IEDs: a life-saving tool.
September, 2011

Fighting Pirates with USVs

UAVs are just starting to be used to spot, identify, scare pirates away, and prevent hostage situations. But what about USVs, the “latest” type of unmanned system? They could be launched from any yacht, ram into the assailing pirates’ skiff, or be launched from a tanker to conduct armed operations against the pirates five miles away from the tanker. They can, but they won’t.

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