Stratospheric UAV Payloads – Technology and Market Forecast, 2021

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Stratospheric UAV Payloads – Technology and Market Forecast, 2021

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Market Info Group (MIG) has been acquired by Market Forecast a subsidiary of ASD Media BV and a leader in aerospace & defense market research solutions and services.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), flying for months or years above the Jet Stream, will form a new communication and sensing infrastructure. That will simply be a modern version of roads, canals, telegraphs, railroads, air mail, telephone, satellite, etc.: infrastructures that were all supported with government contracts until commercial markets matured.

Stratospheric Market Forecast Scenario I vs. II

Stratospheric Market Forecast Scenario I vs. II

This report examines, analyses and predicts the evolution of technologies, markets and outlays for the payloads that will serve aboard extremely enduring or persistent UAVs flying above the Jet Stream. While flying in the atmosphere, they will behave much like stationary satellites.
National security payloads will emphasize sensors like cameras or signals intelligence receivers plus robust radio relay.
Commercial payloads will emphasize very high data rate communications with some sensors like visible light and multi-spectral cameras.
“Near Space” UAVs will draw defense orders away from both the Jet Stream (Global Hawk) and High Altitude (Reaper) markets. That opportunity will be open to new vendors with payloads optimized for extreme altitude and extreme endurance. Today’s military UAV markets are nearly closed to new entrants.
If you are a payload vendor, payload operator, business leader or business developer in the UAV, insurance, overhead imagery, entertainment, mobile telephone and communication industries, this report will educate you on major disruptive technologies and markets that will completely change your competitive environment.
The report covers:

  • Optical Payloads
  • Radio Payloads
  • National Security Future Capabilities
  • Future Commercial Applications
  • Direct Broadcast Television and Radio
  • Wireless Internet
  • Bundled Communication (Phone, Entertainment, Internet)
  • Civilian, Government and Scientific Sensors
  • Military, Defense and Homeland Security Capabilities

Lead Analyst: Mr. Ed Herlik – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Veteran Pilot (Fighters, helicopters, transport, civilian airliners)
  • America’s Leading Expert on Stratospheric UAVs
  • Engineering and International Relations degrees
  • Member of MENSA

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AMSTERDAM and COLORADO SPRINGS, Feb. 22, 2017 /Newswire/ — Market Forecast a subsidiary of ASD Media BV and a leader of aerospace & defense market research solutions and services, has completed its acquisition of the Market Info Group (MIG), a global creator of reliable and unbiased defense industry research reports and consulting services for more than 7 years. The Market Info Group businesses’ assets are being integrated with Market Forecast, enabling existing services to be enhanced and creating huge new opportunities for clients of both services.

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