American UAV Vendor Says: Our UAV Will Reduce Crime – Or Your Money Back!

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American UAV Vendor Says: Our UAV Will Reduce Crime – Or Your Money Back!

Olaeris, an American UAV vendor, offers a money-back guarantee that their system will reduce crime (see video on right).

A recent Olaeris press release ( ) includes the following intriguing statement:

… Olaeris promises to move cities at least ten positions down the FBI Most Dangerous Cities List, or even off the list entirely. The company is offering a 100% money back guarantee to prove they can do it and they already have areas in their integration queue. City officials have until Labor Day to contact the company and learn the details if they want to take advantage of the guarantee.

Olaeris offers the AEVA, an innovative UAV that it describes as: “…the only fully autonomous unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in the world that is designed specifically as a 911 first response and disaster management tool.”

According to MiG’s recent UAVs for First Responders  technology analysis series, Olaeris’ AEVA UAV system appears to be the most mature offering that promises to deliver MiG’s independent operating concept.

Applied to Law Enforcement and other first response situations, that innovative operating concept includes a list of capabilities that unmanned aircraft must deliver to support First Responders.

In that series, MiG continued and refined recommendations it first made four years ago for ‘virtual team members’ who would go into combat with their infantry and armored units remotely.  In other words, those team members would fight through a virtual presence enabled by various UAVs and communication links.

While the MiG work is years older that Olaeris’ development, and was first applied to counter-insurgency warfare, its independent lessons are critical to first response leaders anywhere.

In addition to the essential Operating Concept, MiG’s new report offers:

  • Reasoned Market Forecasts – fact-based, scenario-driven tables and charts over multiple technologies and regions.
  • Timely Business Opportunities – specific details on what First Responders need and how to sell to them in a way that generates profitable word of mouth sales.
  • Focused Technology Forecasts – only the relevant systems, with clear explanations of the differences with the UAVs seen in todays press.
  • Detailed Drivers and Inhibitors – what will help the markets and what will hurt them.
  • Education – both First Responders and vendors will learn the best ways to develop these new capabilities while avoiding the political problems.

To purchase this new research report, or to learn more about UAVs for First Responders, please click here: UAVs for First Responders – Global Market & Technology Forecast, Buying Guide & Operating Concept – 2014-2019.

AEVA Hangar
AEVA Hangar

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