Unmanned Aerial Systems – Top Stories

July, 2016

FAA Part 107 – A New Day for Commercial Micro UAV Operations?

The Federal Aviation Administration released Part 107 eliminates the need for licensed aircraft pilots to operate micro UAVs
March, 2016

What UAV Vendors Won’t tell First Responders

To date, civilian First Responders fly weak and ineffectual UAVs exactly like the hobbyists who fly the same hardware. That’s helpful in a limited way but […]
April, 2015

Does Space Need Near Space, Again?

The US has limited access to space and is too dependent on Russian rocket engines. Space assets are very expensive, can be killed and are critical to everything else the American military does.
January, 2015

UAVs for First Responders: Buying Guide and Global Forecast – Major Conclusions

October, 2014

Facebook (Re)Inventing the Future of Connectivity – A Good Plan with a Fatal Flaw

Facebook must choose between flying and operating the Internet radios. They won’t be able to do both with existing or foreseeable aircraft technology. MiG’s research and analysis lists many technical problems, such as the fact that about 80% of the plane’s energy goes into staying airborne, leaving too little left for a payload.
September, 2014

FAA’s Quadrotor UAV Approval – A Small Success Wrapped in a Much Larger Failure

The first approved quadrotor is an experimental Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It weighs less than a pound and must be operated within line of sight.
August, 2014

American UAV Vendor Says: Our UAV Will Reduce Crime – Or Your Money Back!

Olaeris promises to move cities at least ten positions down the FBI Most Dangerous Cities List, or even off the list entirely. The company is offering a 100% money back guarantee to prove they can do it and they already have areas in their integration queue. City officials have until Labor Day to contact the company and learn the details if they want to take advantage of the guarantee.
August, 2014

Today’s Military UAV Vulnerabilities due to Yesterday’s Mistakes

American military leaders intentionally destroyed their corporate knowledge regarding stratospheric UAVs, forcefully rejected these systems’ development so as to preserve conventional satellite and UAV programs. Now, yesterday’s mistakes are coming back to haunt both the air force and the UAV community.
July, 2014

First Responders Look for UAVs in All the Wrong Places

While Hill’s point is conventional and obvious, the event was just as conventional in its ‘invitation only’ planning. The Indiana National Guard's 181st Intelligence Wing co-hosted the event, which included other conventional displays of communication equipment, sensors, etc. It highlighted the fact that most First Responders don’t know what they don’t know.
May, 2014

What’s Privacy Against Drones Worth?

In early May when the UAV operators received emergency permission to fly their small rotary aircraft but not the more capable fixed-wing model. They were able to survey the geology in areas inaccessible by foot or manned helicopter. That certainly benefited first responders, though it was late and only helped fill in the details.

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