Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for First Responders: Technology, Buying Guide and Operating Concept

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for First Responders: Technology, Buying Guide and Operating Concept

Publication: 02/2014

Market Info Group (MIG) has been acquired by Market Forecast a subsidiary of ASD Media BV and a leader in aerospace & defense market research solutions and services.

Full information on this report is available at http://www.marketforecast.com/reports/unmanned-aerial-vehicles-for-first-responders-technology-buying-guide-and-operating-concept-41

The press release on the acquisition of Market Info Group by Market Forecast is available here.


First Responders need information and they need it fast. Whether they’re police officers rushing to a crime scene, fire fighters faced with a wall of smoke or medics sorting out a mass casualty event, they never know enough about what’s ahead. As a result, First Responders employ some of the most sophisticated technology found outside the military. UAVs are following the proven pattern of military technology migrating to civil agencies; some are already flying for First Responders.  But very little military technology is suitable for direct transfer – buying military systems is almost always a big mistake.

This new report overviews unmanned aircraft technology, especially the UAVs that will prove most useful for First Responders.  It also details the political, bureaucratic and privacy ‘back stories’ that form the public’s context in the most demanding European and North American nations.

More importantly, this report includes two unique features that First Responders and their suppliers won’t find anywhere else:

  • A detailed Buying Guide (with checklists) designed to walk First Responders through early planning for an unmanned aviation unit.  It proves that simply operating ex-military unmanned aircraft will almost always fail.
  • An illustrated Operating Concept created for a real, diverse and geographically varied jurisdiction.  It forms the basis for critical acquisition decisions and the new unit’s success.

Together, these features will bring the reader to a level of understanding that will allow them to intelligently advise sworn leaders and community policy makers through a rational (not emotional) process of evaluating UAV capabilities relative to their needs and resources. This is not hype or a sales pitch – this is a detailed education with extractable guides and illustrations.

This Buying Guide is specifically designed to benefit:

  • Policy Makers & Analysts
  • Procurement Managers
  • Field Commanders
  • Users

On top of all that, an hour of the Lead Analyst’s time is included with each purchase.

Lead Analyst: Mr. Ed Herlik – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Veteran Pilot (Fighters, helicopters, transport, civilian airliners)
  • America’s Leading Expert on Stratospheric UAVs
  • Engineering and International Relations degrees
  • Member of MENSA

Click here to read the analyst’s full bio.

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AMSTERDAM and COLORADO SPRINGS, Feb. 22, 2017 /Newswire/ — Market Forecast a subsidiary of ASD Media BV and a leader of aerospace & defense market research solutions and services, has completed its acquisition of the Market Info Group (MIG), a global creator of reliable and unbiased defense industry research reports and consulting services for more than 7 years. The Market Info Group businesses’ assets are being integrated with Market Forecast, enabling existing services to be enhanced and creating huge new opportunities for clients of both services.

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